There are very serious disease issues facing the hazelnut industry in Oregon. Microplant has pioneered the commercial micropropagation of hazelnuts in an effort to help the industry move forward quickly with selections from the excellent breeding work ongoing at Oregon State University. While Microplant makes no recommendations as to which experimental cultivars are best, we have partnered with many growers here in the Willamette Valley, bulking up their selections and getting these new cultivars into the field as soon as possible. All of our hazelnut work is done on a contract basis.
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Rooted Plantlets
Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
Zones 3-9
An improved version of Canada Red selected by Bailey Nurseries for its vigorous growth, straight trunk and more uniform well rounded branch structure. The color of the foliage is also more intense, with new growth first appearing green, then turning a dark purplish red as the season progresses. A very hardy small tree, growing to a height of 20–25 feet with a spread of about 20 feet.


Rooted Plantlets

Red Dragon

Rooted Plantlets
Corylus avellana 'Red Dragon' PP 20694
Zone 4-5
This fantastic new contorted red-leaf hazelnut cultivar was developed by Dr. Shawn Mehlenbacher and David C. Smith at Oregon State University. Selected for its beautiful rich, dark burgundy leaves, distinct twisting stems and COMPLETE RESISTANCE TO EASTERN FILBERT BLIGHT. Unlike other cultivars, the rich dark leaf color holds throughout the hot summer months. Even the catkins and nuts are dark red! Micropropagation means the entire tree will be contorted and lends vigor in the nursery at an early age. Mature trees will reach 10–12 feet in height, with a 6–8 foot spread. Unlicensed propagation prohibited.