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Syringa 'Delcaration'

Syringa x hyacinthiflora (NA 62975; Pl 641814)
Zones 4-6
Another great release from our very own U.S. National Arboretum, based on the excellent breeding work by the late great Dr. Don Egolf during the 1970s. A cross between Syringa ‘Sweet Charity’ and Pocahontas, Declaration is most noted for its dramatically striking dark reddish-purple very fragrant blooms, outstanding deep burgundy fall color, and open upright growth habit. Performs best in cooler lilac-growing regions.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Syringa meyeri (palibiniarna)
Zones 3-7
An adorable, sweet smelling, very dense compact shrub covered with delicate pink-lavender flowers. 3–4 feet.

Pocahontas Lilac

Syringa x hyacinthiflora
Zones 2-7
An extremely hardy Canadian hybrid. Reddish purple.