Flowering Crabapples

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Prairiefire VI

Rooted Plantlets
Malus sp 'Prairiefire'
Zone 4
Released from the breeding program at the University of Illinois, this selection combines beautiful purple-to-green foliage, bright pinkish-red flowers and glossy dark red bark with excellent resistance to scab, rust, mildew and Fire blight. An exceptional variety. Our stock has been successfully heat treated and indexed for virus. Height 15–20 feet.

Sargent VC

Rooted Plantlets
Malus sargentii
Zone 5
A dwarf, broad-spreading tree usually twice as broad as tall. The dense dark green
foliage provides excellent resistance to scab, Cedar-Apple Rust, Mildew
and Fire blight. Tight reddish buds open to profuse clusters of small, single
white flowers with a pleasant fragrance. The small dark red fruits are profuse
and persistent. Our stock comes from Virus-Certified trees. Height 6–10 feet.

Zumi calocarpa VC

Rooted Plantlets
Malus x zumi 'Calocarpa'
Zone 4
This good, strong-growing crabapple produces large, fragrant pink flowers and bright red fruit which hold well into winter, contrasting nicely with the green foliage which turns orange and yellow in the fall. Dense and pyramidal in shape, the branches loaded with flowers give a weeping effect. Our stock is taken from Virus-Certified trees. Height 15–18 feet.