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Dura-Heat River Birch

Microcuttings / Rooted Plantlets
Betula nigra 'BNMTF'
Zone 4-9
As the name implies, this selection is very heat tolerant, holding up well in southern climates. Very fast growing, heavily branched with smaller dark green leaves that turn butter yellow in the fall. Excellent creamy-white exfoliating bark on more mature branches. Expected to reach heights of 30-40 feet at maturity.


Microcuttings / Rooted Plantlets
Betula nigra 'Cully' PP 4409
Zone 4-9
Our source, provided by Early Cully, is a single tree growing in the Arboretum at N.C. State in Raleigh. Highly resistant to Bronze Birch Borer. Height 60 feet.

Jacquemonti Birch

Microcuttings / Rooted Plantlets
Betula jacquemontii
Zone 3
Most noted for its stunning white exfoliating bark, the whitest of all the birches. Large shining green leaves show some Leaf Miner resistance. Height 50 feet.

Northern Tribute
Royal Frost Birch

Microcuttings / Rooted Plantlets
Betula populifolia 'Whitespire' x. B. hyb. 'Crimson Frost' 'Penci-2'
Zone 4, possibly 3
Considered by the breeder, Evergreen Nursery Co., to be an improvement over Crimson Frost, with a stronger central leader, faster growth and greater retention of the fabulous burgundy leaf color throughout the summer. Growers find it to be an altogether strong tree. Cinnamon to white bard. Expected to reach mature height 30-40 feet with a spread of 15-20 feet.