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The prices in this 2012-2013 Wholesale Catalog are based on present market conditions and are subject to change without notice.  Prices herein are for the wholesale trade only.  The 2012-2013 price list cancels all previous quotations. ORDERING Orders are booked with approximately six (6) months lead time; please plan ahead so we may accommodate your planting schedules.  SPRING 2014 PLANTING ORDERS SHOULD BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 4, 2013, EARLIER IF POSSIBLE. While we do our best to ship on schedule, actual shipping date is dependent on crop yields. TERMS Net 30 days from invoice date for established customers.  All others 25% deposit at time of order with balance due net 30 days from shipping date.  A service charge of 1.5% of the net balance owing will be added for each month or portion of a month from invoice date (which is an annual rate of 18%) if payment is not made within 30 days.   Patented or trademarked items may be subject to royalty payments or restricted to licensed growers depending upon agreements with patent or trademark owners. Prices are FOB Gervais, Oregon.  Packing and shipping charges will be invoiced at cost.  We recommend Fedex.  All shipments travel at the purchaser’s risk and expense. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS Special Quantity Discounts will be given for payments made within 30 days of invoice date as follows: Total Purchase Discount $5,000 – 9,999      2% $10,000 – 24,999      5% $25,000 – 99,999      8% $100,000 – 199,999     10% $200,000 – 299,999     12% $300,000 – 399,999     13% $400,000 – 499,999     14% $500,000+ Inquire Freight and packing charges are excluded from the Total Purchase amount.  All discounts will be forfeited if the terms of the sale are not met. GUARANTEE At Microplant Nurseries, Inc. we do our best to produce a quality product.  We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the life, description, quality, productiveness, or any other matter, of any nursery stock or plant that we sell.  Should any stock prove untrue to name as labeled, it is mutually agreed that our total liability, upon satisfactory proof, shall be limited to our replacing free or refunding the purchase price. Receipt of shipment shall constitute a binding acceptance thereof upon these terms unless shipment is rejected for cause and notice thereof is delivered to Microplant Nurseries, Inc. within 72 hours of receipt.  All orders are booked subject to crop yield and conditions with the understanding that the orders shall be void should injury befall stock because of fire, frost, contamination or other causes beyond our control.   CANCELLATIONS Orders accepted in writing cannot be cancelled without written consent of Microplant Nurseries, Inc.  If cancelled, cancellation must be based on terms that will indemnify Microplant Nurseries, Inc. against all losses arising from such cancellation. Microplant Nurseries, Inc. is owned by A. McGill & Son, Estacada, Oregon and TRECO®, Oregon Rootstock and Tree Company, Woodburn, Oregon.
Wholesale and Contract Micropropagation for the Nursery Trade
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