In the late 1970s, a diverse group of commercial tree growers began funding research on the micropropagation of various tree crops at the Oregon Graduate Center in Beaverton, OR.  The group was comprised of Adams Rootstock, Inc. located in Washington State, Stark Brothers in Missouri, Oregon Rootstock, Inc. (later renamed TRECO®) and A. McGill and Son, also in Oregon.  As projects developed, the four partners decided to launch a new company, and Microplant Nurseries, Inc. was born. We opened our doors in January 1980 with two goals in mind - to provide large numbers of new and improved fruit tree rootstocks and shade trees to the owners of the company, and secondly to provide great plants to the general nursery trade for profit.  Of the founding owners, TRECO and A. McGill and Son remain. Over the past three decades, we have pioneered the technique of commercial micropropagation on a large scale, producing millions of plants each year.  While our original focus was on trees, we soon expanded into all kinds of exciting projects, including great new ornamental shrubs, blueberries, hazelnuts, raspberries, hops, grapes, perennials, timber products and bulb crops.  There really isn’t anything we won’t consider putting into culture if it makes sense to do so. We sell only lab product, Stage 2 unrooted microcuttings, and Stage 3 in vitro rooted plantlets.  Our niche in the industry is to be YOUR lab, so you don’t need one. Over the years our company has grown from two employees to a year round staff of about 25, building to a seasonal workforce of about 45-50 employees at peak season (six to eight months of the year).  Most of our employees have been with us for many years.  We have a lot of fun together. In the year 2000 we built and moved into a new building, computerized our entire process and connected the various departments, providing increased predictability, efficiency and quality.  Take a look at our gallery of photos. We continue to invest in new equipment, new methods and our people. We also invite you to take a look at our current catalog, which represents less than half of what we actually grow.  A large portion of our work is done under contract, specifically for individual growers.  We have partnered with some of the biggest, best and most advanced growers in our industry.  We appreciate their trust in us. Microplant Nurseries, Inc. has a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability.  Our mission is to get you what you want, when you want it, at a price that makes sense for all and also have fun doing it.  Our focus is growing great, healthy plants and learning together how to do things better.  We walk in the door each day curious about what the plants are going to teach us.  It is an exciting place.
Wholesale and Contract Micropropagation for the Nursery Trade
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